About us

The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (AustCham Latvia) registered by Dean Strautins as a Not For Profit Company on 25 January 2006.

Dean is Australian with Latvian heritage Director of 3 other companies in Latvia with an investment of over 1 million euros in Latvia and has been Director of the Business Development Lab at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) for 3 years.

Dean is a licensed Bobsled Pilot for Australia and has served 7 1/2 years in the Australian Defence Force with 5 of those years in the Special Forces. Dean has lived in China for 3 years as General Manager China for the worlds 5th largest software company (Compuware) and State Manager Western and Southern Australia for a data storage company (StorageTek). Dean holds a Business Degree from Australia in International Business and a Diploma studied in Wuhan China in International Trade. Dean is international Director of www.hosteloffice.com and holds a Masters Degree in Internet Communication.

Dean’s strength is with strategic and tactical analysis of businesses to identify – idle capacity, market opportunities, margin opportunities, perceived value, and take over opportunities. These skills and experience are freely applied to assist people that seek some consultative ideas on how to move forward with their business.

Dean is in Riga Fri, Sat, Sunday and in Liepaja Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thursday.

The objective of AustCham is to facilitate business links between the people associated with all Commonwealth of Nations members – especially from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand to do business with Europe involving Latvia and proactively pursue mutually profitable opportunities to assist Latvia prosper for the overall benefit of all Latvian people.

See our BLOG http://austchamriga.blogspot.com/