Australians in Latvia

Curtin University of Technology
Winner of the SIFE award for being the Worlds Most Innovative University. Has completed Rural Tourism Development in remote North East Latvia border region of Aluksne. Curtin Staff and Students completed over 4 visits to Latvia and compiled a Directive Report to guide further development in the region.

Okaidi Childrens Clothes.
Opened by Michelle in Oct 2004.

STORE OF THE YEAR 2004 for Domina shopping centre, after 2 months of operation. The judges base their decision on CONCEPT,PRODUCT, QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Now expanding in to Estonia and Lithuania.

GUNOMAD , was formed in July 2004. By Michelle Hazarian – Australian.  The Riga based company is structured into three parts :

1. RETAILING : With French childrens clothing franchise called OKAIDI. At present they have two shops in Riga. First shop was opened in Domina shopping centre, October 2004, second shop, Terbatas street , Riga, December 2004, 3rd shop Ulemiste shopping centre Tallinn / Estonia , August 2006 . Will be expanding to Lithuania and other cities in Estonia and Latvia over the next three years and at present are waiting for shopping complexes to be completed where future shops have been reserved.

2. MORPURGO ; The mens and womens jewellery line, was launched at a fashion event in Riga on 3rd November 2006. This is another branch of our company that we have been developing over the last year.

3. EVENTS : Gunomad organized its first fashion event on 3/ 11/ 2006 and has two more events since, showcasing five very talented Latvian designers , and of course to launch their own brand. The event was called MOMENT. See In the future they plan to hold more fashion events , as they believe there is a lot of exceptional talent in Riga. All their events are well received by both the local and International press.

Bobsled-Airport-Nov-2006Dean Strautins. 
Has invested over 500,000 Lvl in Latvia in to 4 businesses employing 15 staff.

Was the Director for 3 years of the Business Development Lab at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

Would like to find the time to pursue the establishment of a business development Incubator in Liepaja Latvia. Dean is the current Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

The Airport Bobsled ‘Welcome’ sign. Is a result of Dean Strautins being one of less than 5 Australians holding a Bobsleigh Pilots licence for international competition supported by Australia. This sled is owned by Dean.