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Dear Mr Dean Strautins

Greetings from Curtin English Language Centre, Curtin University of Technology! I hope this message finds you and your colleagues well.

The Curtin English Language Centre, in Perth, Western Australia offers English programs for students who are interested in studying a mainstream Curtin undergraduate or postgraduate degree but do not meet the University English language entry requirements. We also offer English tuition for those students who just want to come to Curtin to study the language and do not want to enter University.

We have recently developed a short podcast featuring our Director, Associate Professor David Matthews. You can also experience some vision of our classrooms, our beautiful Curtin campus and Perth, Western Australia.

You can watch the podcast at

I hope that you enjoy watching this podcast. If you would like any further information about studying at Curtin English Language Centre please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Anthea Macrides

Marketing Manager

Curtin English Language Centre

GPO Box U1987 Perth Western Australia 6845

T:  +61 8 9266 3922 | F: +61 8 9266 7873 | Email:

Prospective Students

Curtin University is based in Western Australia and is represented in the Baltic Countries by Dean Strautins – the Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.
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More than anything else, we believe that what our students say about us reflects who we are.

“I wanted to get a better education, broaden my knowledge on different things and to be challenged.”
Immaculata Msemwa (Tanzania, East Africa). Human Resource Management.

“Being an international student can be hard sometimes, especially being away from your family and friends, but Perth is a great place to live and study and the best thing about Curtin is meeting people from so many different cultures and backgrounds.”
Ingrid Ng (Jakarta, Indonesia) Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Information Systems). Consultant, PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

“I would strongly recommend Curtin as a great environment for experiencing multicultural university life and, more importantly, it is a university which offers appropriate study opportunities for every student.”

“The International Office helped me in solving some problems when I first started my course here. It is the fastest way to contact home and the officers are extremely friendly and helpful.”
Christopher Kian Teck (Kuching, Malaysia) Graphic Design.