Trades via Latvia

Latvia has an excellent opportunity to gain export income as a value adding country.

Innovations from other countries can be combined in Latvia with other resources to develop service orientated solutions that can be exported.

An Australian Diamond buyer is interested to process pink and white diamonds in Latvia to sell to the Middle East and Russia.

Trans-shipment opportunities are large for Latvia. The biggest obastcle for Latvia is that Latvians in control of port areas are too happy to earn just enough to live comfortably whilst remaining in control of their assets. Whereas the more mature goal of business is to develop it to a point to be able to sell it and live comfortably without the hassle of business administration.

An Australia based company is purchasing over $1000 million worth of commodities to ship to Australia and China. Coking Coal, Manganese, Copper, Nickel, Sulphur and Urea. We require more from Ukraine and Russia. Other companies seek Crude Oil and similar.