Why Business in Latvia

The Riga Airport is becoming a hub for Europe with 10 million passengers a year planned for the near future. Look at this presentation to see the plan for the future at the Riga Airport and opportunities for your business.

Latvia is located in the Baltic Sea Region that has the highest concentration of Most Advanced Economies in the World.

Prior to Soviet Occupation the good Location of Latvia was evident partly because Latvia had the Highest Standard of Living for all of Europe and the Highest literacy Rate.

The latvian Lat is the second strongest currency in Europe valued at 1 LVL = 0.963630 GBP.

Latvia has rare quality farming land as it feezes in Winter reducing much expense in maintaining crops. Ideal for Organic farming close to affluent markets.

The Company tax rate on profits is 15% and Sales Tax is 18% but can be as low as 5% depending on the industry.

The attractive environment for Investment in Latvia is reflected by Latvia being the largest recipient in the world for Norwegian investment.

If you are trading with the United Kingdom then it is a short step to Latvian ports that are well developed with daily services.

Factors for production are commonly lower priced in Latvia and can enable you to maintain a competitive advange in Europe.